Esports operations
We organize tournaments of any complexity in all esports disciplines
Red Bull 2019-2020
• Student Tournament Organization - Red Bull Universities
• Naming and full adaptation of the CIS University League under the partner's brand.
• Bootcamp organization in Moscow for training and preparation of finalists under the guidance of professional coaches or players.
• Extensive social media coverage.

Attracting and developing a brand-relevant audience.
Creation of the history of regular players who go international.
JBL Quantum 2020-2021
Avito 2021
The main partner of the LCL Continental League.

Special section "Overheard"> 2 million views> 10 million views of the live broadcast.

Publishing on the website, in the game client and in social networks.

JBL Quantum in-game banners in the League of Legends game arena.

The Avito Cup is an amateur tournament for everyone ahead of the LCL Continental League final.

Native advertising dedicated to promo.

Personal League of Legends tournament for everyone, integration into the brodcast of the LCL final.

Brand Integrations
We can integrate your brand into esports products that are watched by millions of viewers.
KitKat 2021
• Joint product creation: KitKat and League of Legends: Wild Rift with in-game prizes and check promo.
• Brand activation as the Main Partner of the LCL.
• Brand activation on social networks: native posts, memes, engagement through contests among the esports audience.
• In-game KitKat banners in the League of Legends game arena.
Promotion of the KitKat brand among the esports audience.
Samsung Galaxy S21 2021
• Organization of the Galaxy Show at the final event of the Continental League LCL.
• Involvement of one of most popular CIS teamNavi to the show match with the LCL stars.
• Samsung Galaxy's association with League of Legends: Wild Rift, and engaging a wide audience.
The emergence of a brand in mobile esports.
Sberbank 2019
Spotify 2020
Co-branding project with League of Legends.

Limited edition debit cards with 10 Champion skins.
The cards could be ordered from Sberbank and worked according to the "Thank you" program.
Native advertising dedicated to the promo
Spotify is the official partner of the 2020 Summer Split Finals.

The official League of Legends hub on Spotify.
Partner of the Noize MC online concert at the summer split finale.
Collaborative track and video with Noize MC League of Legends - 2 million views
Content production
We produce content for esports leagues, tournaments, broadcast studios and other products.
Business menu 2019
Sales increased dramatically.
1 200 000 - audience coverage
210 000 - views of the show on Youtube + VK
Increase coverage and product knowledge.
Boost sales.
Episode Show - "Head Noodles"
Heading - "Break Sponsor" Promotional video - "Doping"
Integration of banners into broadcasts.
Extensive social media coverage.